This Spring Stella will be building six patio or story and a half homes in the White Hall area.  

These homes offer open floorplans with ground-floor master suites in either 1,725 or 1.850 square foot units.


These units won't last long!  

Copy of AfterHouse-2.jpg

DISCLAIMER –Architect Renderings depict examples and not the actual dwelling, improvement, lot, house, land, landscaping, topography  or related amenities.  Dwellings are to be constructed, completed and sold without furnishings or artwork and all layouts, designs, amenities, fixtures, equipment, floor coverings, colors and improvements will vary subjectively based on project specific contracts. Lots and land improvements, vegetation, improvements, amenities, facilities, fixtures, shapes and layouts are unique to each Lot, are not and will not be as depicted and  NEED NOT BE BUILT  except as set forth in a written contract.  You must inspect your Lot to determine its unique characteristics and you must read every word of your contract to determine and decide what improvements you elect to purchase.